Mary Dailey

“You are not from around here, are you?” I have been told the New England accent gives it away. Ok ­ truth be told – I was a native , suburban Bostonian until 2002 when Roanoke became “home”.

In early 2003 I was hired and trained by a well known local Real Estate attorney as a “closer”. This gave me the opportunity to learn about real estate through the eyes of the law. I am forever grateful for all the training I received there. Later, other opportunities were opened up to me and I was able to work as an agent’s personal assistant ; as temporary secretary for a local Real Estate broker; as start up office manager/coordinator for a group of real estate investors and, finally as office manager for Red Key Realty, Inc.

As a result of the various positions held over the last 15 years, I feel confident in my experience and contributions as part of the support staff of Red Key Realty and look forward to assisting YOU with your real estate transaction!

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