More Sellers Tips

Congrats! Your property is now on the market! Here are a few common sense tips that have proved to be invaluable when it comes to presenting your property in its best light:

1. Curb appeal: Keep the grounds well groomed; entryways clean, safe and well lit; and garbage cans out of sight. The exterior should show pride of home ownership and “invite” the potential buyer inside.
2. Declutter: A neat, organized house with the right amount of furniture for the space is oh, so much more appealing than a home packed with too much of everything. De-clutter by packing and storing excess furniture, knick-knacks and so on. Tip: if you have children, keep an empty laundry basket handy. It will prove invaluable in collecting up those little things left around that need to be gathered up at the last minute before a showing.
3. Odors: Don’t let everyday odors become a “turn off” to a potential buyer. Vacuum daily and do what it takes to keep pet, smoke, rubbish, cooking, and any other strong odors out of your home. Oh, and don’t try to cover them with scented sprays – they just add to the awfulness of the odor.
4. Make yourself scarce: A showing is for the benefit of potential buyers, NOT you, the seller! Allow a potential buyer and buyers agent the relaxed time and space needed to view your property. Nothing can hurt negotiations more than an over-zealous seller who has attempted such without the professional advice of his/her agent!
5. Other notables: Making the beds; keeping the bathroom(s) spotless; picking up towels and clothing off the floor; all these little things can help present your home in the best manner possible.

Yes, it takes real effort to keep a property in real showroom condition. But it will be well worth the effort when the best of offers are made on YOUR property!

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