Don’t let purchasing real estate become just an aimless leap of faith. Let the professionals at Red Key Realty guide you through the process so your dream of home ownership can become a reality. Let’s take a tour of “THE PROCESS”, complete with some expert tips!

    1. Get Pre-Qualified: Unless independently wealthy, most buyers will start with a trip to a mortgage lender – either locally or via internet. After providing proof of identity, employment, credit history, etc., it will be determined just how much you will realistically be able to afford. Once that has been determined, the lender will provide you with a “Pre-Qualification” letter. This letter is very important and serves as the financial basis on which the property search will begin. Click here for More Tips!”
    2. Hire a Professional: If you had no construction experience, would you just go to the nearest lumber supplier, purchase materials and expect to be able to build a beautiful home? Of course, not! So, when it comes to making, perhaps the most expensive purchase in your life, why not get professional help? Here at Red Key Realty, we have a varied group of professional agents ready to assist you. Let them help you find your perfect home. Please feel free to contact our office so that we may arrange the initial meeting!
  • Consultation: Here are a few things to consider prior to meeting with your real estate professional. 1. What are the features that I must have in my home? How many bedrooms; whether multi-level; garage; condo or townhouse and so forth. 2. Where do I want to live? Is it in a particular neighborhood, or perhaps near certain amenities, such as a bus line? Do I want to live in neighborhood with an HOA/POA? 3. When do I want to move? Am I limited in my time frame due to school or job schedule?
    1. Start your search: Once you feel confident you have the answers to the previous questions, it is time to consult with the professionals! After discussing your needs and having the necessary paperwork signed, you and your agent are now ready to work together to make your dream of homeownership a reality. One of the key assets available to your agent is the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). By skillfully entering your criteria, a list of available properties will be given to you for review and/or for showing. Remember – the list changes daily so you can be sure your agent will stay in close touch with you!
    2. Secure your purchase: So the day has come – you have found exactly what you want with all the features you have been looking for; great location; and within budget, too. Your agent will now guide you through the process of negotiating the terms of a Contract to Purchase. Once all the terms have been agreed upon and documents signed, you are now “Under Contract”. Congratulations! Now you and your agent schedule and complete any home inspections; your contract is sent to both your lender and Attorney and you begin getting ready for your move.
  • Closing: Well, the big day has finally arrived! Your Attorney’s office will coordinate with your lender a time for you to sign all necessary documents. Hopefully you have remembered to contact all utility companies to have service transferred into your name. Once the new deed has gone “on record” at the appropriate court house, you have successfully become a new homeowner – Congratulations! Your agent, including the entire support staff here at Red Key Realty sincerely wish you the best of homeownership!
Updated: December 11, 2017 — 5:21 pm
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